Luxury Kitchen Remodel Design Studio in Brighton MI | Kitchen NV
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Luxury Kitchen & Home Design

Personalized Kitchen Remodel & Design

The Kitchen NV Difference

Kitchen NV is a dream I’ve had ever since I got into the kitchen design and remodeling industry. I truly enjoy helping people create authentic and well-planned spaces that are both luxurious and highly functional. Because I don’t look at the word luxury as unobtainable. Luxury is experiential, personal, and diverse.


One of the largest pitfalls in the kitchen remodeling and design industry is that many do not take the time to listen to your concerns and ensure your needs are met. Therefore, just about every company is missing some part of the project, some part of the job, or some part of the experience. Before Kitchen NV, clients would often mention to me that they wished I could have helped coordinate other materials I didn’t offer. Or that they wished I could have been more involved in the labor side, for instance. I heard their concerns loud and clear, as they were my concerns as well.


As a designer, I have a vision of what I want to accomplish in the space and how I want my clients to feel when it’s completed. I knew I had to give them more. I wanted to go above and beyond the norm and offer products, services, and levels of involvement that would make the entire kitchen remodeling and design process more enjoyable and seamless. In the end, I knew I had to start Kitchen NV.

Luxury Kitchen & Home Design

Your Full-Service Kitchen Remodel

& Luxury Design Concierge

At Kitchen NV Your Time is Precious & Your Vision is Valued

Your initial bathroom, kitchen, or home remodel and design consultation will be focused on determining if Kitchen NV is the right fit for you and your project. Think of it as an interview, for both of us. I like to begin each consultation by discussing your goals and motivations for your design, remodel, or build. Then we dive into the scope of work. Are we remodeling a current kitchen, your master bath, or your whole home?


Once I know what we are trying to accomplish, we can start budgeting for it. After that, we will discuss my level of involvement in your project. Premiere services have costs and we will need to determine how involved you’d like me to be throughout the process. At the end of the appointment, or whenever you’re ready to move forward, a retainer is taken to move forward into the design and development phase. From there, the fun begins!

Your Kitchen Remodel & Design Concierge

An extensive kitchen or bathroom remodel is equivalent to major surgery for your home. And major surgery is time-consuming and not always without complications. As your ‘design concierge’, a term I’ve coined, I view it as my job to lessen or eliminate the stresses in your project. For some clients, that may mean simply helping them create their color palette and ordering materials. For others, it may mean curating the entire project for them. Or it may even mean overseeing the project from end to end, and beyond. Knowing what you are looking for in a designer is important. Set your expectations and find the right person to complete your project and meet your needs.

The True Value of a Luxury Remodeling Design Studio

More Than Just Kitchen Remodels

Kitchen is in the name and is often the heart of your home, but Kitchen NV also works in bathrooms, closets, basements, wine cellars, entire homes, and more. Because remodels don’t exist in a vacuum, and making sure that your remodel flows with the existing home is an integral part of proper design. Whether you’re working on remodeling one room or your entire house, allow me to coordinate and design a space curated especially for you. 

From Kitchen Remodels to Whole Homes

Luxury kitchen designs and remodels are my favorite, but I tend to work on projects whose scope of work grows. Partial and full home remodeling projects are vastly variable based on the scope of work. Once we determine that we are the right fit together, a retainer is taken and the design, estimating, and project development process begins. If you are looking for a resource on what to look for when hiring a kitchen and bathroom remodel designer- see what I have to say on This Old House.

Budgeting for Your Kitchen Remodel & Design

The major cost factors of any design and remodeling project are material quality and scope of work. I typically work with mid, upscale, and luxury materials due to their quality, warranties, and styles. I offer my own line of furniture-grade cabinetry which gives me the ability to create unique pieces with unlimited finish, color, and style possibilities.


Based on the Cost vs. Value Report in 2020, the average mid-range major kitchen remodel in the United States was $68,490. The average upscale kitchen remodel was $135,547. Knowing where your hard-earned money is going is part of my budgeting process, as Kitchen NV believes that transparency and communication should be the foundation of any partnership. We will go over your project and budget piece by piece to set realistic ideas and parameters for your kitchen or bathroom (or home) design and remodeling project.

Luxury Kitchen & Home Design
Luxury Kitchen & Home Design

Every person has a design scheme that drives them. Whether they know what that is or I have to create it for them is what makes design so individualized. Authenticity is at the heart of kitchen design. You are unique and so is your style.

Luxury Kitchen & Home Design

Luxury is driven by quality. The time and thought invested into something drives its value. I work in high quality and luxury materials which allows me to create spaces that will last the test of time.

Luxury Kitchen & Home Design

The materials are only as good as the people installing them. I have always said that the right contractor can make or break a project. I will help you navigate this crucial part of your remodel.

Luxury Kitchen & Home Design
“Give me the luxuries of life
and I will willingly do
without the necessities.”
– Frank Lloyd Wright

what clients are saying

I have worked my entire career to craft a reputation for always taking care of the people I come into contact with, from initial meeting to final product.

Explore what my past clients have to say about their kitchen remodel and design experiences below!