My First National Magazine Cover - KBB October 2020 - Kitchen NV
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Luxury Kitchen & Home Design

My First National Magazine Cover – KBB October 2020

And a 4 page spread. Suffice to say, I’m pretty excited about it. This project was loads of fun to work on. The client was ambitious and open minded which all lead to an incredible final product. There were so many fun aspects. From the open walk-in pantry, the gold hardware, the awesome powder room, the stunning black cabinets, it’s hard to pinpoint exactly what elevated this kitchen. If I had to put my finger on anything, I honestly believe that it was the lighting that made this, to quote the Great British Baking Show, a “Showstopper”.

Kitchen Design

Lighting is not just a tool, it’s also part of the design

The two oversized pendants from Varaluz are ethereal and imperfect, drawing your eyes to them as you try to grasp their detail. I was told at the time by a local lighting showroom that they were discontinued so I was forced to search around until I found them online. I’m not sure if they were mistaken or somehow this kitchen brought them back from extinction because you can find them for sale again.

Make it glow!

Kitchen Design

Another interesting facet of the lighting design in this kitchen is the backlit granite countertops. There are actually 7,200 LED diodes inside the island to make sure that slab light up like lava. That was quite and undertaking and one I don’t plan on repeating anytime soon…unless you tell me you want it…and I will make it happen! Finding the right slab for this is the important part. Natural stone isn’t truly priced like most products. It’s all about rarity. Take the ugliest stone you’ve ever seen and once the availability starts to wane,  that price is going to start increasing! People want what they can’t have which helps in the economics of stone. It keeps the most jaw dropping slabs and wildest colors just out of reach from most people. If you want a natural aesthetic for your kitchen and aren’t afraid of the imperfections and uniqueties (which is a new word I am coining. Definition – the facets in which make it unique) , then let’s go hunting for your perfect slab!

Want to read more?

See the full publication at KBB Magazine October 2020

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