Proper Lighting Will Make or Break Your Kitchen Design - Kitchen NV
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Lighting – Overlooked and Underlit

Let’s talk about lighting. Each week, I find myself interviewing with new clients to see if I am the right fit for their project. (Or sometimes the other way around). Most times gathering information is the easy part. I often hear how the kitchen is too dark and how they need to brighten it up. And usually their solution is white cabinetry and while, yes that is an easy fix, is it the best solution?

The most overlooked part of any kitchen remodel is how we light our spaces. An afterthought for most projects after the budget has already been spread thin over all of the other more tangible products and their labor costs.

While picking out colors, clients tend to avoid the “darker” stains and paints available for their cabinetry. Some of these options can lead to the most intriguing and impactful arrangements.  “I love this color, but it will make the kitchen too dark” they’ll say as they reach for the nearest white sample.

“Put the white sample down and add some color!

Or at least combine it with a second color. Don’t get me wrong, white kitchens are beautiful, but there’s a whole world of color possibilities out there waiting to be explored.

There are 3 types of lighting:

Ambient, task and accent. When designing a space, we should use a combination of these types to build different layers to create the best effect and well lit spaces possible. Ambient or general light can be something as simple as recessed cans to light the walkways of your kitchen or the pendants over your island.

Lighting DesignAmbient is a necessity to light the home, but task is how we light our workspaces. Undercabinet lights have taken prevalence in recent years. Ambient can be blocked by obstacles like our bodies and cabinetry which may cast shadows on your countertops. Having well placed undercabinet lights can provide the visibility that you need when preparing meals or cleaning up after dinner.

With new improvements to LED technology, we can even light the interiors of each of the cabinets. A trigger upon opening the cabinet door which flicks a switch an lights everything inside the cabinet.

Lastly, the final type is accent which is used to draw attention towards a subject. Library lights over a book shelf, sconces on either side of a range hood, and spot lights are all great examples of ambient lights. Make sure you ask for your space to be properly lit, because you don’t want to be left in the dark!

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